About Southwest Washington Equity Coalition

In 2016, community leaders and organizations came together to address the real fear of racialized violence throughout southwest Washington and in Clark County. What transpired was an opportunity to collectively organize to address overt racism expressed in U.S. national rhetoric and policy, and how it manifests in southwest Washington at the local level. 

Through training and planning over the next couple of years, the Southwest WA Equity Coalition (SWEC) was formed and an initial Charter developed. Leaders of SWEC represent a cross-sector group of organizations and community leaders seeking to advance racial equity through policy advocacy, institutional change, and creating an inclusive culture in southwest Washington. SWEC in context is transformational in promoting equity and inclusion in meaningful and collaborative relationships built on trust.

SWEC has identified the need to nurture relationships between racial equity leaders and provide healing and support for people of color in southwest WA. SWEC recognizes that racism is institutional and seeks to both address racial disparities and advocate for racial equity in local, state, and organizational policy and processes. Setting the foundation for SWEC’s transformational work is the Advancing Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion virtual teach-ins.  


Members are committed to advancing the mission of the Coalition, and dedicated to the process and implementation of the Coalition strategies. We represent a unique cross-section of this community, such as nonprofits, education, healthcare, community advocacy groups, philanthropy, social services, and community leaders who share a commitment to advancing racial justice.

Our Members

If you’re interested in becoming a member of SWEC, please e-mail us at: swec.sw.wa@gmail.com