About Southwest Washington Equity Coalition


Members are committed to advancing the mission of the Coalition, and dedicated to the process and implementation of the Coalition strategies. We represent a unique cross-section of this community, such as nonprofits, education, healthcare, community advocacy groups, philanthropy, social services, and community leaders who share a commitment to advancing racial justice. Members commit to the following:

•  Terms are 3-year commitment with option to renew.

•  Members are expected to attend a minimum of 70% of meetings over the course of each year in order to be considered active.

When a member approaches this threshold, a Co-Chair will reach out to them to confirm their commitment. If they will be unable to meet the minimum attendance requirements for the remainder of the year, SWEC will request that a new representative from their organization be appointed to the Coalition.


Our Members

If you’re interested in becoming a member of SWEC, please e-mail us at: swec.sw.wa@gmail.com

New Members

  • New members must be approved by 60% of the current
    Coalition membership.
  • Membership will be reviewed annually and SWEC will organize an annual event to recruit new members every Fall.
  • New members will be considered full members of the Coalition, with voting rights, as long as they keep their membership active.
  • As members transition out of the Coalition, the Coalition may ask the affiliated organization or institution to identify a new representative. This representative must agree to participate in an onboarding process designed by SWEC.